Hello angels,
Time for another weekend lately I have been posting so less as i am not keeping well. But i will be soon back with my regular posting. Love you all for being so supportive. You have guessed right from the above pics today I have got THEY ARE REAL PUSH-UP LINER from BENEFIT. I love Benefit products specially the Real Honest Mascara and their Benetints. I have already reviewed Roller Lash Mascara in my recent posts. I have heard great reviews about this liner. It’s the first gel liner in pen form I love gel liners over the liquid ones because they are more easy to use. Now isn’t this interesting that how this gel liner works in pen form.
Lets talk about it.
Why we love it! It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!
24-hour* & waterproof
*Instrumental test on 19 panelists
91% said it was longwearing*
88% said it hugged the lashline*
84% said eyes looked visibly larger*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks

How to apply
For first-time use
To prep the pen, remove the AccuFlex™ tip protector & discard. Twist base until gel appears on tip. Wipe off excess.

For daily use
Wipe leftover gel off AccuFlex™ tip before each use to get fresh liner every time. Slowly twist base until a tiny amount of gel appears on tip. Rest the tip on the base of your lashes and guide along your lashline from either the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex™ tip works both ways.

This liner comes in a black plastic pen . It has unique tip which is made out of silicone and its quite flexible known as ACCUFLEX TIP. I have never seen such slant tip till now. The product comes out of this tip when you twist the bottom of pen.
The liner is not watery nor thin the consistency is quite thick and creamy.
If you are using liquid liners you may find this bit drying. The texture is soft and glides on smoothly and evenly on lids without having to tug or pull. It’s a matte black color having full coverage. It may be little difficult initially to work with this liner as it has got slant tip but this helps in a proper application of liner hugging the lash line and it also makes it easy for creating cat wing liner. You can even apply them on your bottom lashline. It goes on effortlessly. It doesn’t smudge or budge there is no feathering or cracking of liner. It’s a waterproof formula but comes of easily with eye makeup remover.
 If you have oily lids it may smudge a bit as its not a oil free formula. This liner dries of very quickly so don’t go over and over again it will give you lumpy flaky look. Try to start the liner from centre of eyelid then going outwards then coming back to inner corner as initially there is lot of product coming from tip. Wipe the excess product in between application to give even smooth line. It stays on for almost 7-8 hrs without fading or flaking. This liner is quite pricey and you can’t come to know when you are running out of the product but i am sure this will last me long as very little product is required for single application.
Overall I loved the product as its super matte black and gives a perfect wing liner. But its also difficult to use as it dries quickly and get lumpy when trying to overlayer it. I wouldn’t suggest this if you are more of a liquid liner types. This is not even for beginners as it can be little bit difficult for evening and correcting out the liner. If you love gel liners and cat liners than you must definitely try this pen after all its a first gel liner in pen form. 
Have you tried products from they are real range? Comment below.

1.4 g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
Beauty tip
Double the REAL! Wear they’re real! push-up liner and they’re real! mascara together for beyond longer lashes AND bigger-looking eyes.

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  1. I love the concept! Maybe I'll give it a try myself too :)

  2. Hi Ridzi really wonderful liner...
    So jet black...
    Is this available in India..
    In Mumbai or online olds tell

  3. This is really good, I love this content also visit Nars Ireland. Thanks for sharing.

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