Hello angels,
Hope you all having wonderful weekend. I have been feeling so lazy this days. Its been so hard to blog. Just snuggling up with my blanket. hahah.. so last time i had post about ZA perfect liquid foundation and i had got few more products from ZA true white. Its from ZA total hydration range I have heard much about this products and they really help to hydrate your skin.  This is something new to my skin care stash and now it has been part of my current skin care routine. Its my first experience with ZA true white skin care products. This entire range is for skin hydration and the hydration gel is basically for combination to oily skin. I have started using this in night time after my toner. This gel is basically for gals who tend to break out but still need hydration. If you have flaky skin with pimples this might really help you. 
It comes in a pink color plastic tube which is quite handy. And can easily be carried in travel bag. The gel is almost white clear having mild fragrance. Consistency is just like water based gel. It completely absorbs in skin the moment you blend in. There is no sticky feel to it. It completely moisturizes my skin. On waking up in morning skin don’t feel dull or oily in fact skin looks soft clear and well nourished. I don’t feel any dryness on skin after application of this gel. This can be used in hot and humid weather to when you don’t need much heavy moisturisers. The feel is very light on skin almost like not wearing any moisturiser it doesn’t contain any SPF so if you using for day time make sure you use a sun protection over it. It blends into skin giving soft and smooth texture. For now I am totally loving and it doesn’t even clog my pores giving any kind of whitehead problem. Another thing I got is ZA pore care gel. This comes in small pink plastic tube. Its basically for minimizing pores. I apply this gel before makeup  as it helps to minimize pores. You can use this gel a.m /p.m. If you have oily skin and enlarged pores it will help you minimize your pores. Its a clear gel which quickly absorb into skin I apply it around my nose areas and chin where you usually find your pores. very little quantity is required to cover this areas. This product has no fragrance and it has got light thin texture that it doesn’t feel any product on your skin. It also helps in minimizing greasiness due to excessive sebum clogging pores. My T zone gets super shiny after few hrs of makeup application but after using pore care essence my T zone oiliness has reduced.
OVERALL i loved using both the products. My experience with hydration gel and pore care essence is definitely good I am looking forward to buy other products from this range. I recommend this to all those who have oily to combination skin or if you have dry flaky skin with breakouts i think its a perfect moisturiser which helps to hydrate at same time giving no sticky feel to skin. 
Have you tried ZA true white skin care range which product is your favourite? Comment below.

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