Loreal white perfect magic white double whitening eye cream review


Hey angels,
Today I will be reviewing L’Oreal paris white perfect magic white double whitening eye cream. This cream comes from white perfect cream range. I have also heard lot of good reviews about the L'Oreal youth code eye cream. Firstly as the name says double whitening i was bit excited to try this out. Secondly I was also running out of eye cream. I make sure to use eye creams before sleep as it helps to hydrate my skin around eyes. Generally we all ignore the fact that skin area around eyes is much thinner than facial skin and it requires more hydration. Its very important to massage around your eye area using a cream on your fingertips in clockwise and anticlockwise.

Instantly: Eye contour is visibly brightened 
With Opti-Blur Technology, it instantly reduces the fatigued look around the eye; visibly reduces dark eye circles, lines and bags. 

Day after day: Eye contour transformation 
The formula brightens and visibly lifts the eye contour for a radiant flawless look.

This cream comes in a blue and white tube having a box packaging. It costs 600/- for 15 ml which is quite affordable compared to eye creams from high end brands .
Its basically creamish white color cream when applied under eyes it spreads evenly and smoothly giving a feel of velvety finish. It instantly lightens your dark circles. It also helps blurring the fine lines. I don’t know how its effective for long term use because I just started using it and since week i haven't found any major difference with my dark circles although i don't have much. But for instant results this cream definitely helps brightening your under eye area. It quickly gets absorbed in skin doesn’t make it feel greasy. You can use this cream in day as well as night. It helps hydrate your under eye area. The texture is very light and smooth. It doesn’t contain any SPF. This cream doesn’t have any fragrance. If you using for day time you may need to use this under sunscreen. You just need a drop and apply to contours of your eyes. It contains caffeine which is antioxidant and has opti blur technology which immediately blurs dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. You need very little amount for every time use. So this tube will last you long. 

Overall recommended I liked the cream texture it completely melts into skin. It was light and non greasy. My under eye area appeared smooth even and bright after application. If you looking for something which helps instantly to lighten your under eye area this can be worth the try.


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