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Are you looking for makeup cleanser? Here GARNIER has come up with their new launch MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER. They have two types in it one for waterproof makeup which is oil based known as BIPHASE WATER  & other for non waterproof makeup.
I will be reviewing both of them in this post.
The product comes in a big plastic bottle of 400 ml I got waterproof makeup cleanser in 200ml size bottle.

Micellar water is basically like a water its simple to use just take a cotton pad take the MICELLAR WATER and press on your eyes or lips for few seconds and remove it. It completely removes foundation, lipsticks, eye makeup. If you have a waterproof makeup or mascara which are usually difficult to remove even some of the liquid lipsticks which really gets messy while removing with regular makeup remover for such makeup you can use oil based micellar water. It removes complete makeup & dirt from your face leaves no traces of any kind of  makeup.
I personally loved using micellar water rather than makeup removing wipes. This are non comedogenic it doesn’t clog pore and doesn’t make your skin oily.
It keeps my skin clean and fresh without having need to wash my face with water. It doesn’t contain any fragrance. It doesn’t make my skin dry. This micellar water acts like a magnet which will lift away all the dirt without having to rub.

Overall recommended I feel micellar water cleanser is much convenient to use then the makeup wipes. Even when you feel lazy this really helps quickly to remove all your makeup without rinsing required. I liked using both the cleansers. Also it comes at very cheap price and you get amount of product.

Price 349/-INR 400ml BUY HERE
RATING 4.5/5

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  1. I went to Lina Cameron this January for my make-up lesson , I asked her one makeup remover which will be reasonable and best for sensitive skin too! She suggest me this one. I am using this from that time. I really love this one. Best makeup remover for me, for my super oily and sensitive skin.


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