Hello angels,
Recently I have been obsessing over New skin care products and today I will be talking about New LOREAL PURE CLAY FACE WASH. Its yet not available in India but I you can get from online store. I have already tried loreal clay face mask and now I will be trying the face wash in same range. Just like clay mask these too are available in 3 different types. Detoxifying gel face wash, Pure Argile Eucalyptus cream face wash and Pure Clay Red Algae Exfoliating face wash. I have got two cleansers DETOXIFYING which is black in color and has charcoal in it. The PUREA ARGILE which has eucalyptus and comes in green color which is  basically for mattifying oily or shiny skin. All face wash are soap free and dermatologically tested. 

These cleansers are suitable for acne prone skin and sensitive skin too. Argile face wash have thick creamy consistency which almost feels like clay mask and does contain mint fragrance. Basically all of the clay cleanser do contain fragrance. They help in removing dirt and makeup from skin. It cleanses my pores leaving my skin soft and supple. Detoxifying face wash comes in black color having thinner consistency and almost gel like texture. Its perfect for oily skin or acne prone skin. The charcoal face wash helps to detoxify skin as it contains magnetic properties. It cleanse my skin and removes all traces of makeup and dirt. I was more happy with the Argile as it left my skin smooth and I could feel the softness of my skin. Also it helps to brighten my complexion. These face wash are quite comfortable on skin it doesn't leave skin dry or oily. These cleansers doesn't foam much which is good enough for skin. 
Overall recommended the only drawback I found was the fragrance I like my face wash mildly fragrance. The effect of this cleansers was almost like using clay mask. These face wash is suitable for various skin type. All cleansers are mild and doesn't strip away natural oil from skin. If you have dry skin you may need moisturiser after cleansing face. 
Have you tried out Loreal pure clay face wash whats your view on it?

RATING 3.5/5

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