Natasha Denona Duo Glow & Eyeshadow Palette Review


Hello rosebuds,
Natasha Denona its the first time I am using this brand and i am super excited to share my experience with some of its products. So I have Duo Glow palette for today's post. Its a duo chrome highlighter which means it can be used as blush as well as highlighter and so it's called as duo glow.
 It comes in a rectangular compact with a mirror on one side. The only thing it doesn't contain brush for application. But the sleek compact can be used in travelling as it doesn't occupy much of space. I have got 01 alba shade which is the best selling one. Its a peach coral with a light gold Shimmer. It gives a blush as well as highlighter effect and can be used on high points of face. Its suitable for various skin tone.

Its a  powder base highlighter which give even and smooth application. I have not experienced any fallouts or fading of the highlighter. The staying power is for 7-8 hrs without primer with primer it can last much longer. The shade 01 Alba perfectly suits my complexion and gives soft glow to my skin. It can be used on foundation or directly onto the skin. The Shimmer gives light sheen to the skin. This multipurpose highlighter which can be also used as a blush has a real crushed pearls to give a duo chrome effect. This highlighter gives intense metallic glow when applied in layers on high points of face.
Overall I loved the product. Its a supernatural shimmer powder which gives natural glow to the skin. Its highly pigmented and can be used all over face and body.

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Coming to eyeshadow palette its a 5 shadow kit which comes in a sleek white palette with a transparent lid. It doesn't contain brush or mirror but still its easy to carry. The shades are highly pigmented and give a intense look. I got the palette no 04 which contains shades like 25M Aura 31M Cool Bronze 63M Oxide 70P Cool Plum 59M Moonstone
AURA is a beautiful pale white shadow with shimmer can be used as highlighter on inner corners of eyes or on eyelids. 
COOL BRONZE is not at all cool but a warm gold bronze shade which gives metallic effect. 
OXIDE to me looks like a WARM copper shade having maroon tint.
COOL PLUM is a cool deep darker brown shade not having much of metallic effect but can be used on lower lash line as well. I really like using this shade as its a very soft touch shadow. 
MOON STONE is a nice warm apricot shade suitable for various skin tone. 


These eyeshadow doesn't give any fall outs. It doesn't giving creasing even if you have oily lids. They eyeshadows are long lasting and doesn't fade away.
The eyshadows glide on lids effortlessly the texture feels buttery soft giving high color pay off. They give a high impact finish looks more like a mineralised eyedahdows. They can be layered off easily and with the use of primer you can make it last longer. Average staying power of eyeshadow is for 4hrs without primer.  The shade are non drying and doesn't feel powdery. 
After digging up so much what matters to us is not only quality but also the price now Natasha Denona eyeshadows usually cost you around 27 usd for single ones. Where as this comes for 48 usd for 5 shadows which is a great deal.
Well the price doesn't give justification to the packaging as you could definitely get a better eyeshadow palette at much lower cost.
Overall I enjoyed using this palette it was worth spending on these metallic shades. You can create different looks from this warm neutral eyeshades.


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