Maybelline clean express total clean


Maybelline clean express total clean
Hello everyone,
I recently spotted this makeup remover from Maybelline and truly this is one of the best drugstore makeup remover. You could have not asked more at this price. It totally cleanses your eye and lip makeup even if its waterproof without causing any irritation in eyes. It can be used even on your waterline it does cot cause any cloudiness like other makeup removers. It immediately removes  makeup because of fast dissolving agents.  It comes in a sleek plastic bottle which makes it very handy to use. No fragrance . What I love about this Maybelline product is that there is no oil residue left around your eyes or lips. Due to its bi-phase formula you will have to shake the bottle every time before you use it. Was really not expecting at this price for such amazing product. Its definitely worth the buy. RECOMMENDED

Price 275/- 70 ml

Maybelline India

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