Max factor color elixir Giant pen stick!!!!


I love trying chubby sticks I feel they are just so easy to apply on lips. Well this maxfactor are kind of chubby sticks but more of glossy types. They have pretty amazing shades. It has a broad sculpted tip which makes more easy to apply on lips. Glides easily on lips giving bold definition to it. They don’t bleed at all. They are creamy & hydrating some are like balm stains and some feel like glossy lipsticks , among this darker shades are more pigmented then the lighter ones. Most of them which I have got are highly pigmented and has shimmer in it.

 If you buying light color you may have to swipe 2-3 times to get color out of it. Vibrant & Dark shades have excellent color payoff in one swipe. Staying power is for almost 6-7 hrs. You don’t need to apply lip pencil or lip balm just one swipe of this is good enough no need to add gloss as it already gives glossy finish. Its like all in one giant pen stick. The one thing I wished was they could be like winding chubby sticks because this needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage because they are quite soft. If you looking for pigmented glossy and long lasting lip color with easy application this will be a good one to buy. If you are not fan of shimmers then very limited choice you may get. But this shimmer just add a gloss effect to lips. This are the four shades I have got which are totally gorgeous.
Princess rose Vibrant pink passionate red intense plum .

Price INR 675/-

Princes  rose is my love at first sight color its light pink with purple glitter in it felt like fairy pink. Had to swipe 2-3 times it gave streaks on lips. It does have purple glitter which is not visible in photo rite now.

Vibrant pink is bright pink color with no shimmer one of my favourite. Just one swipe gave me this color.

Passionate red is warm red color with shimmer in it. Just one swipe is enough to get the color.

Intense plum is very deep autumn color again having shimmer in it. Color payoff is excellent.


Which one looks better? Share your comments below:)

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