Almost time for another weekend ..thinking about my youtube channel I cannot promise you gals but someday I will for now I am enjoying writing about this amazing products and so i hope you all too enjoy reading my blogs..
Today I have something which you may have not tried out or may be thinking of trying out just like i was while buying this product.ok so. its from Soap and Glory. For all those who don’t know soap and glory its an amazing british brand having some really good bath & body stuff. Some time back they had launched this Girligo moisturizing mist and I couldn’t get it as it was not available here. But now Soap and Glory products are now available at Sephora Mumbai so I couldn’t wait any more to get my hands on it. But yeah if you living in UK its more easier to get this product.
This product comes in a white coloured plastic 250 ml sized bottle. It has nozzle and transparent cap. The packaging is quite cute and attractive. It looks really girly and I was totally excited to get this bottle. It comes in a box which says sensible men said driven to dizziness by soap and glory girligo which already looks flirty.
It has a tempting blend of bergamot, Peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.
This body mist claims of giving you soft and supple skin with fragrance.

My experience with this body mist was amazing. It has peachy strawberry kinda sweet fragrance which actually doesn’t last for long. After spraying it on to the body you need to just rub it with your hands.. it doesn’t contain any shimmer particles. But it provides a smooth moisturised skin giving slight sheen. I felt my skin was glowing after using this. If you have dry skin it may not give enough moisture. I have a normal skin and for me it was well enough. I loved how soft my skin felt immediately after using this. You can even use them in summers as it dosen’t have any sticky feel to it. The product is milky color and consistency is more like water. I usually don’t like much heavy moisturiser and this provides right amount of moisture for humid climates. Moreover I love good smelling skin product and this is definitely one of them.

Overall recommended. I would suggest this using for summers. And if your skin is not so drying you can try them for winters too. There are two things which I didn’t like about this product that the fragrance lasted only for few hrs. Another thing which bothered me that after shower this bottle is quite slippery to use and also this product is bit on expensive side. If you live in UK this is very easily available.. and you can also find them at sephora. 


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