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Here I am with another review from Anastasia Beverly hills much excited about the NEW Glow Kit. They have launched 3 types of glow kits GLEAM, THAT GLOW AND SUN DIPPED I picked up Gleam glow kit which is more for fair to medium skin tones like me.
I found other two glow kits were more for medium to dark skin tone also for  tanned warmer skin tones. Also used for bronzing face body to get sun kissed glow look.
This highlighter com in a cardboard palette with 4 four round pan shaped highlighter. You can easily remove them as their magnetic also you can place them in Z palette. I am not fan of cardboard palettes but here the powders are not so fragile so you can easily carry them while travelling. Also the gleam glow palette is great for softer skin tones.
The texture of the powder is so soft and buttery and applies so smoothly on face.
For increasing the intensity you can use them in wet form too. This powder are good in pigmentation. But nothing like The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. I applied two layered for desired glow. 
The shades are impeccable I so loved HARD CANDY its something really different Its a Mood-changing golden peach with a pink pearl reflective finish.
Mimosa is like Radiant golden peach with a metallic finish.
Starburst is more like cool pink highlighter with an iridescent finish.
Crushed Pearl is Glimmering pink and silver with a crystalized chrome finish perfect for fair skin tones.

Crushed pearl is almost like silvery white very similar to Mary Lou Manizer its highly pigmented and you need very little on highlighted areas.
This highlighters are really gorgeous and can be used by every skin tone. I mean you have option of three palettes containing 4 highlighters each so you can really have one for yourself.  The powder is finely milled and has a very subtle amount of shimmer. So you can easily layer them without having to look like a disco ball.
 From celebrities to makeup artist and beauty gurus I have seen everyone using this palette. Its already cult favourite.  Also you can use this shades for highlighting inner corner of eyes and on brow bone as well as eyehsadow. Its of 40USD and you get full size 4 highlighter which is whole lot of product and it can take years to complete them. After getting this kit You seriously never going to run out of highlighters. Staying power is almost 8-10 hrs. It gives lovely soft glow to skin. I completely love using highlighters Its one of those exciting products in you vanity where you eagerly waiting to put on. Even when I am not contouring or applying blush I make sure I have some highlighter on cheek for natural glowy face. The starlight highlighter has iridescent shimmer while crushed pearl is more like chrome though all highlighter add beautiful luminosity to your face they blend in so well.
Overall I completely recommend this Glow kit. There is a highlighter for every skin tone. The texture and formula is amazing. Very well pigmented. Loved the shades like crushed pearl and hard candy. they look beautiful on fair skin. Mimosa again its a gold highlighter almost reminds me of Becca Opal. 
TIP- For more intensity you can apply them with damp beauty blender or brush.
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