Hello angels,
I just received AVIANCE WHITE INTENSE RADIANCE serum from nykaa. Thanks nykaa for sending me this little surprise. I was already on search to find a good serum which can help my skin repair. Recently I had fallen sick and my skin was completely dehydrated I also got some tiny boils on face. And currently I have been taking care of my skin crazily. I have not really tried Aviance brand its not only new to me but i guess for everyone. Its upcoming brand in India for skin care range. They have entire range for radiance whitening and also for hydration. Today I will be just reviewing one product from this range its Aviance WHITE INTENSE RADIANCE serum. Now we always skip applying serum but serum are as important as your moisturizer. It not only absorbs quickly into skin but starts its action at deeper levels. It contains Vit c, green tea, honey, hazel and aloe vera gel for soothing and brightening skin. This serum helps to soothe your skin and will also help elimintiate dark spots. 

This product comes in white box packaging with white plastic tube having pump to dispense the product. It’s a transparent color serum I need 2 pumps for my entire face and neck area. There is very faint fragrance in it which almost dissipates after applying. The serum feels very light when applying on skin. It absorbs so quickly into skin like nothing has been put on. There was no greasy or sticky feel to skin. The texture is smooth and lightweight but you need to put some moisturizer over it as just this serum is not enough. I have just started using it twice a day and hoping for great results. It also contains antioxidants for repairing skin. This serum when used with white intense radiance cream and face wash surely will help in natural whitening of skin. All I observed that after using this serum next morning my skin wasn’t dull or oily but looked glowy and fresh.
I wouldn’t promise that this is one of the best serums out there. But if you need some whitening skin care products you can try Aviance. Aviance has great range of products for whitening. I would recommend this serum to girls who want even skin tone and natural glow.
As this products are available online on nykaa I will link it down below.


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