I had a lovely weekend hope you all had too!!! Recently I have been trying out this brand Yves Rocher. I had no clue about how this product works but while searching for some lip balms. I got an eye on this brand and bought two of its products Yves Rocher Lip Balm in CERSIE and Apricot Fruit Scrub.
I am using this two products since few days I am really happy to share my experience with you all.

The Cerise lip balm is cherry flavoured lip balm which comes in a white attractive tube packaging. They have got some of the other flavours too like Vanilla and Strawberry. It  doesn’t smell like bunch of cherries but it has a very mild cherry fragrance to it. Its a tinted lip balm so it delivers pinkish red subtle tint to lips. For pigmented lips it can just be like non colored lip balms won't help in giving much tint to lips. And so I was expecting it to be more pigmented as it appeared in tube as dark cherry shade. it doesn’t contain spf. The formula was bit disappointing for me. Its  a nourishing lip balm but still lacks moisturizing properties. It contains Shea butter and macadamia oil but it lacked creamy texture. The texture was soft and it glides on well. But I felt they were bit slippery on lips. I wanted something thicker and which cling on my lips for long. It didn’t provide much hydration or nourishment. Though my lips felt soft initially when applied. But it doesn’t stay for more den 1 hr. And so you need to apply them again and again. The only positive point about this lip balm was that its tinted. It was well tinted for getting red tint on lips. But my hopes were high with the formula and texture of it. It give light sheen finish to lips.
I would rather use this lip balm under some lipstick. It doesn’t heal dry or cracked lips. The formula just gives you temporary soft & smooth lips.
Overall I am not so impressed with this lip balms. But if you are just looking for light moisturizing formula and some pinkish red tint then you can definitely try them.

Lets take a look at this apricot scrub. It comes as orange yellow colored scrub with granules. This scrub is not soft on skin but not harsh too. The tube is quite handy you can carry easily while travelling. You get 50ml in 400INR which is bit expensive. But after using this scrub I am totally taken away with the formula. If you don’t have dry or sensitive skin u can use this daily. It helped in removing most of my blackheads and whiteheads. After using this my skin felt soft and smooth. It just helps me clear all my left over makeup dirt and pollution which doesn't come off with cleansers. It does have a sweet mild smell. My skin never feels so silky or clear after using just a face wash.

Overall totally impressed with this fruity apricot scrub. I absolutely loved the formula its smell and more over how it leaves my skin fresh and soft. And it was a perfect to use in such a humid climate especially when I have a combination skin. It really worked well in exfoliating my skin. Have you tried Yves Rocher skin care products whats your opinion on that?
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  1. I can see many bloggers trying out this brand..I love trying different scrubs so I might give this one a try..Also such lip balms are very common market in market so worth skipping..nice review.. :) :)


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