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I have heard much about Burts Bees lip balm as 100% bees wax lip balm. But as they had lots of flavours I was really confused to pick only 1-2 so I went on amazon and found the pack of 4 which had following flavour’s Coconut and pear, Mango, Pink Grapefruit and my favorite Pomegranate.
So among this only Pomegranate is tinted lip balm but nothing like Maybelline’s color baby lips. They just have hint of color in it which almost gives a natural Pink color to your lips.
This lip balms come in usual twist up yellow plastic tubes which is convenient to use for travelling. All of the 4 lip balms are moisturizing and are 100% natural. 

This lip balm has no tint and has got very faint smell of coconut. I was disappointed as I love my lip balms to be rich in flavours especially if they are fruit flavoured but here I couldn’t find that. In terms of moisturizing it keeps my lips hydrated for 4 hrs. They are not hard as some of the lip balms nor so slippery it almost melts on lips when you start applying. This lip balms don’t have thick texture so I would suggest them using on dry lips and not on chapped lips. Due to lack of fragrance it almost felt like wax and didn’t attracted me much.
Though if you are sensitive to smell this one could be for you.

Its almost same like coconut and pear. Only thing here is the fragrance again it’s a very faint smell of mango which doesn't last at all. I could barely recognize as mango flavoured balm. You need to swipe 2-3 time to get desired amount of hydration.

It’s a light cream yellow color lip balm it smells almost like pink grape fruit. I liked its smell it was refreshening. It doesn't give any color to lips. But the fragrance lasts for sometime.

This is the only lip balm which is my favorite and I love using it. It smells like pomegranate which lasts for some time. It gives your lips not only softness and suppleness but also some natural pink color.
Don’t go for the color in the tube they are not so pigmented but as usual lip balms are made sheer.

Overall recommended because this are cruelty free and 100% natural lip balms so no parabens no preservatives and no artificial flavours. This will help your lips stay hydrated for a long time. It doesn't contain any spf. I am not sure whether it heals chapped lips but its definitely good to pick a natural lip balm. This are made up of 100%bees wax. I personally love lip balms which have that boost of flavour’s. But if I am getting something which is so natural and preservative free why not?

Also girls you know how much I love lip crayons and chubby lipsticks. I have already mentioned that they are best to use while travelling. So when I saw  burts bees had preservative free 100% natural lip crayons I already decided to pick up one and it was Napa Vineyard shade.
 Before reviewing I just want to tell you this is going to be one of my favourite shades for this fall.
They have around 6 shades in this range and I was pretty taken away by the Napa Vineyard. The name reminds you of beautiful wine color from Napa valley. We come back to its packaging it has this transparent lid having honeycomb design over it. It comes in dark brown twist ups sticks like Revlon or Clinique
Napa vineyard is a cool tone Red shade. It has amazing pigmentation you just need one swipe of color. They stay on well for 7 hrs without smudging or bleeding.

This lipsticks have very light texture and the consistency feels some what like balm. Actually they are just like lipsticks which glide smoothly effortlessly and stay on lips for quite a long time. The finish is matte not powder matte but like a semi matte. It also leaves a soft red pink stain on lips. It doesn't contain any fragrance or flavour. Color pay off is excellent and in terms of opacity its too good for pigmented lips. I loved their texture, matte effect, and pigmentation. Also they are quite moisturizing to lips. Like after application it didn’t make my lips feel dry. If your lips are not well moisturized you may feel the formula bit drying. This are not transfer proof they do transfer little. They don't smudge or bleed also they don't accentuate fine lines.
OVERALL RECOMMENDED I am totally obsessed with this cool toned scarlet red. It can go on many skin tones. I am going to love using this lip crayon for fall.



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