Hey angels,
I have been not keeping well since few days. But Finally I am recovering and managed to write a post. Not taking much of your time lets move on to our NEW addition to vanity FACES ULTIME PRO SECOND SKIN FOUNDATION. I think I am the first one to review this product yesss (happy moment)!!
Now while looking at the packaging what first clicked to me.. Is it a dupe to LANCOME NUDE MIRACLE FOUNDATION. The packaging is almost similar to it and It could be a complete dupe to lancome in formula and texture lets check it out.
So how you feel when the most high end brand foundation comes up in drugstore brand its like a woawww moment.
This foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a silver cap. Now we have something different it has a dropper just like lancome foundation the only difference here is it has silver button like thing which when you press the foundation drops out of the dropper. So you have to click it while picking up the product and while dispensing it.

There are only 5 shades available and I choose 02 Natural for my skin tone. Ivory 01 was having more of pink tones and would probably give me white cast so I went for little darker & warmer shade as the options were limited. 
So the moment you take a drop on your hand you can make out the texture its quite velvety which blends quickly into skin.
You require very little amount like only a drop for your entire face.
It’s a liquid foundation but thicker in consistency.
It gives me medium to high coverage. Turns out completely matte in few seconds.
This foundation can cling on to dry patches. So make sure your skin is well moisturized. I would say this is for every skin type nothing in particular. It has spf 15 and is parabens free. Also it has got faint buttery fragrance to it.
What does second skin foundation mean? So when you put on this foundation you almost feel like your second skin. And its extremely air light it covers your pores and dark spots giving you flawless face.
I have a combination skin so it does show some streaks when I don’t put primer.

Remember if you put more quantity it can make you look cakey. You can build up by adding little quantity at time.
Lets talk about its staying power..its pretty good foundation which keeps your skin flawless for 5-6 hrs you may need little touchups.
When compared to lancome I felt lancome has much more light coverage and texture.
I would really like using this foundation in summer time. But its surely good for winter too only when your skin is well moisturized. Its bit pricey when compared to other drugstore foundation but when compared to high end brand like lancome its cheaper. Also this foundation is going to last you for ages as you need so little quantity.
Overall Recommended !!!

Price 1499/-INR

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  1. Hey could you tell me my shade because I'm so confused between shade 1 and 2.
    I'm shade 4 or medium beige in Makeup Forever lift foundation. Help!


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