3INA is a Spanish makeup brand which recently opened their first store in India, MUMBAI. 3INA is pronounced as MINA. This brand started its innovative beauty products last year itself. They have been opening stores worldwide. Looking at the store and products it reminds  me of 3CE products which was Korean beauty brand. They have huge collection of lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners, color mascaras, cream shadows they have got all.
All products are very reasonably priced and I hope they don’t get pricey in future. So no one recommend this brand neither I have read any reviews this my complete experience with few products which I tried out at the store.
I got a matte lipstick, eye pencil with smudger, a cream eyeshadow pot and highlighter.
So all of the products comes in white cardboard box packaging with the product in black matte packaging
The packaging is decent, sturdy and travel friendly.

Lets start with the highlighter as this was first product I tried. It’s a rose gold kinda shade. There are no shade names for any product so its really confusing the no.is 200 for highlighter that I bought. Its a golden highlighter with pink tones. It comes in black square shape compact with no mirror or brush. It’s a powder based highlighter which is highly pigmented. The shade go well on my skin tone. I felt the texture could be more smooth and softer. Its not gritty doesn’t contain visible shimmer particles. It gives a nice soft glow to face when applied on cheekbones and on bridge of nose. 
OVERALL RECOMMENDED its gives soft glow to skin and stays well for 6-7 hrs. also its very affordable so if you are new to the world of beauty this can be great pick for your vanity.

Coming to matte lipstick I picked up shade no. 411 it’s a nude warm neutral shade which is suitable for lighter skin tones.
 This lipstick looks more like a natural lip color to me. It’s a everyday shade and I love using it for work days. It comes in a black matte square tube. The lipstick doesn’t go completely inside and I am always worried to chip off the tip.
The formula is bit drying and they lack pigments. It gives a complete matte finish. It needs dragging which I didn’t like. The texture could be softer and more creamier. The color is not so intense and requires multiple application. it does give even application but it needs to tug. The formula doesn’t settle into fine lines. I felt like the formula was having more of wax and lack of pigments which I was not happy about. It was a disappointment as I had great expectation also when I swatched they were much smoother. The formula doesn’t bleed or smudge and lasts only for 3 hrs. The formula does transfer and it easily fades away which was again disappointing.
This lipsticks are not for pigmented lips as they don’t give coverage. This lipstick doesn't contain any fragrance. Also for complete opacity you need 3 coats which is not so good.
PRICE 650/-INR Shade no. 411

Next product I am going to talk about is the eye pencil in shade no 206. I picked up a purple shade this pencil has a smudger to create a Smokey eyes.
Its available in many shades like brown, blue, green & black. This pencils are highly pigmented and can be smudged easily with the help of sponge tip applicator on other side of pencil. The texture is soft and creamy gives even application glides effortlessly. The formula is softer and you can waste lot of product while sharpening. It doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter but has a glossy finish. While creating a smokey eye look it was quite patchy as it didn't blended well which is a downside of the product. Also it doesn’t help in creating intense Smokey eyes. This pencils is great for using on water lines as it doesnt smudge and stays well for 5 hrs.

Now the best product I purchased was a cream eyeshaodw in 317. This eye shadows comes in a  glass jar with a black lip. The formula is soft creamy and once its blended it sets like a waterproof formula which doesn't crease OR budge at all. It doesn't even flake.
Once they set in they don’t smudge and it only comes off with makeup remover. It contains icy pink glitter. I absolutely love the formula and texture of this shadows. They are highly pigmented. They have many different shades and it looks amazing when applied  on eyelid with a flat brush also you can use them to highlight inner corner of eyes. This cream shadows are very easy to use and you can use your finger tips too. I totally recommned this cream eyeshaodws.
Overall some of the products are really worth trying out while some of them were totally disappointing. In all 3INA is has wide range of products so try them before purchasing. Most of the formula lacks pigments and intensity. I really hope they have shade names as shade no. are really confusing especially for every product. All the products mentioned above are PARABEN FREE. Well I loved cream shadows and highlighter have been using them for a while now.
HAVE YOU 3INA BRAND OF MAKEUP? Are you going to try them?



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  1. So many nice products... wish they launch tgeir store in Kolkata soon....

    1. yes dear hopefully they will be coming to many more places.

  2. Hi Ridzi,

    I bought some products today from 3INA, I quite liked them. After coming home I checked the table for expiry and was really disappointed to learn that they have all been manufactured in Nov 2015 and Expire in Aril 2018. They were imported into India in Jan 2017. Really sad to see people treating India as a "seconds" market...I am going to return all the products tomorrow.

    1. I meant I checked the "label"it got corrected to table for some reason


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