Hello gals,
To all of you who doesn't know I am a huge fan of Clinique skin care products. Over the years it has helped my skin stay healthy and better. Whenever I switch my products to some other brand I have always got back to Clinique.
If I wouldn’t have to try so many new brands I would definitely use Clinique for my whole life. 
So now you can imagine how excited I am to try their NEW skin care product CLINIQUE PEP START 2in1 EXFOLIATING CLEANSER which comes in a bright fuchsia pink tube. The packaging is completely eye catching to me. Along with the cleanser they also have a eye cream and moisturizer which I will be trying out soon.The entire range has a bright colorful packaging perfect for summer. Another product that I will be reviewing today is MOISTURE SURGE EXTENDED THIRST RELIEF GEL CREAM its not a new launch but a must have for girls having oily to combination skin especially during summers. As summer is around I needed a light moisturiser which not only gives a proper hydration to my skin at the same time its light in texture and absorbs quickly into skin.
This moisturizer comes in a glass jar with silver cap it’s a pale pink color cream gel having a watery consistency.
Instantly when applied it gives a cooling sensation to skin which is great for summer. Normal, combination to oily skin everyone can use this. I have a combination skin and I need very little quantity of product for entire face and neck. It has no fragrance so if you have sensitive skin you can try it out.
 This gel based cream quickly absorbs into my skin giving complete hydration. My skin feels non greasy non sticky even after hrs of application. The texture feels so light it almost feels like nothing has been applied on my skin. I am comfortable wearing them under my foundations. For dry to normal skin this won’t provide you enough hydration except for on hot summer days.

I recently saw famous you tube beauty blogger Jaclyn hill she said the foundation can blend like a dream on this moisturizer and so I had to try it out. I wanted to know how it feels. And of course it did my foundation blends like a dream on this moisturizer. It gives me a well hydrated plump skin. Also it adds glow to my face. I am totally loving this product for now. It doesn’t contain spf so if you using for day time you need to have additional spf in your product. It doesn't give me any breakouts even on most hot humid days.


Now lets talk about the the Clinique pep start 2in1 exfoliating cleanser its a gel based cleanser having tiny grains which help in exfoliating your dead cells.
This cleanser works for removing makeup  as well as dead skin cells and so it’s a 2in1 face wash. I started using this in my night skin care routine and I am loving it. I can’t explain how it helps my skin to eliminate all dirt makeup pollution etc..
It makes my skin feel dry and tighter but I am okay with until and unless it helps clear my skin.
Well for dry skin its going to suck the moisture from your skin but you can restore it with a good moisturizing night cream.
Here when you massage the gel it breaks down to give you a foaming cleanser. But at the same time it also acts like a scrub so there is a perfect balance of two which Is why I loved using this formula.
It’s a very good product for gals who wants double cleansing and if you are heavy makeup user.
After washing my face it gives a squeaky clean feel to skin. My skin feels so smooth and eliminates all whiteheads black heads. It removes all dullness and dead skin which is very necessary if you are exposed to pollution dirt and constant use of makeup. This cleanser is not so harsh so its ok to use every single day. it will help in imparting glow to your skin when used on regular basis.
Overall recommended I am very happy with both the products. I generally like using a proper night cream after a exfoliation but if you have a oily or acne prone skin you can use a Moisture surge gel cream which will provide you enough hydration without making your skin oily also it will help your skin stay fresh for long hrs. 
Tell me one of your favourite skin care product which you swear by?

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