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I have been getting lots of request for my skin care routine. Firstly I am blessed with a good but as you know no one has a perfect skin and I often get 1-2 BREAKOUTS. Getting a flawless skin need lots of efforts. Maintaing your skin is biggest task especially when you have lots of treatment and products available. These days beauty markets are flooded with skin care products and we often get confuse or keep on changing our products. I always suggest people to stick to one product whether its from drugstore or high end brand if its suitable to your skin type you can always use them again and again. Its also my advice that you should not look for fairness face wash which makes your skin feel tight and dry rather Try to use a face wash which is mild, gentle to your skin and helps to remove all impurities. As I am a blogger I have to keep on trying new products but today I will be talking about all the things I do to keep my skin good as much as possible. Also there is a misconception where gals think face wash is not needed when you just use a cleanser to remove makeup. Face was is essential even when you have removed makeup completely. The first thing I always do is keep my makeup brushes clean. Its again a task especially when you love doing makeup and have lots of brushes. I get this breakouts when I don’t wash them or keep them clean. So you keep your brushes clean and your makeup products like foundation bottles, compacts as they easily get spoiled when you tend to use your fingers.. FACE WASH, TONER AND MOISTURISER these 3 things are the most essential skin care products. Many of you may think this is so basic and how its going to help me. Just try with this routine for atleast 3 months before coming to a conclusion it’s a small thing which will make a great difference to your skin. Currently I am using CLINIQUE PREP START face wash INNISFREE VOLCANIC TONER and CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE for hydration. I usually wash my face 3 times. When I am using a makeup I usually  take of with a cleanser or micellar water. And also use a wet wipes to clean it. As I have a combination skin I sometimes love using FOREST ESSENTIAL GULAB UBTAN it gives me complete exfoliation which is necessary for keep my pores clean. Not to forget rose water tonic mist is one of the product I always like to carry to soothe and hydrate my skin. It instantly freshens my skin. I am not a big fan of sunscreens so using them additionally is sometimes pain so I go with the products which already has spf like a day cream or bb cream sometimes even foundation. One of the best toner I have used is from CLINIQUE I always come back to it. It helps my skin to a great extent. Also Olay 7signs of ageing night cream is one of my favorites. Occasionally I like using sheet masks from Innisfree and The face shop they are affordable and give a good hydration to my skin. Also it refreshes and adds glow to my face. I am obsessed with skin care products and I will be talking more about it on my next post. Also you can check all these products review on my blog. 
I always crave for good skin care products and these is not enough to maintain your skin. But its a routine which you need to carry it in order to keep your skin healthy, bright and glowing.




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