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Ahhh!! Finally there is a new primer in town. As there is always lack of good drugstore primer I was so excited to get one from MAYBELLINE. Today I will be reviewing NEW MAYBELLINE DREAM ONE DAY PERFECT DUAL PROTECTION LASTING BASE. I was really confused when I first saw it because it helps to hydrate your skin at the same time absorbs sebum and reduces oiliness. This primer comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle. And a silver twist open cap. The nozzle dispenses right amount of product. The makeup base is a Peachy white liquid which gets quickly absorbed into skin. The texture is smooth and watery which leaves a shine free matte finish.

This base goes on all skin tones as it doesn’t have any color pigments.
You have to use it before application of makeup take few drops on your fingertips and blend into the skin. As you all know I have a combination skin this doesn’t leave any oily residue on my skin. I really liked the formula even though applied in more quantity it feels like nothing has been used and gives fresh skin look. Its so light weight and helps my makeup to stay for 7-8 hrs. When I am out in hot and humid climate I do observe some shine after 3-4 hrs on my tzone. It gives a semi matte to complete matte finish. Also it hydrates my skin and I don’t feel a need to use a moisturizer. But if you have dry skin you may have to use light weight moisturizer. The foundation blends well on this makeup base. It contains spf 18pa++ which is great to use for summers and day time.
I am using this almost every single day. You can also use under bb creams or tinted foundations. It really helps my makeup to stay shine free for 7hrs. The formula gets quickly absorbed into skin so its a quick way to get a lasting makeup. It doesn’t contain any silicone. So it may not cover your pores completely or even out your skin surface but still gives you flawless makeup look. It makes my skin feel fresh without clogging pores.
Overall I would definitely say this is a must have product. It works on all skin tones, various skin types and in all climates. This will definitely make your makeup stay long. Highly recommended for normal to oily skin types. Its available at very affordable price range.

The new Maybelline Dream One Day Perfect is a make-up base primer that hydrates and absorbs oil to keep your make-up last long and stay fresh all day. The soft and smooth base protects your skin not only from oiliness, but also from dryness. Benefits of 5X more moisturizing formula and high sebum absorbing power without clogging pores resulting in smooth, flawless makeup all day long.
  • Soft and smooth base protects your skin not only from oiliness, but also from dryness.
  • Sebum adsorbing formula covers pores, and prevents skin from unwanted shine and oiliness.
  • Moisturizing formula keeps your skin fresh.
  • Contains SPF 18 PA++


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