Hello beautiful girls,
Today I have something exciting for you yes it’s a latest launch from Maybelline something which every girl wants it… MASTER STROBING LIQUID You heard it right make your Strobing game strong with drugstore liquid highlighter. I can totally live without bronzers blushers but not without a highlighter.
Long time I haven’t used a liquid highlighter this highlighter comes in a black and silver metallic tube. It has a nozzle to dispense the product.
You need very little quantity and just dab it with your finger on to the cheekbones. This highlighter is available at very affordable price. There are two shades available LIGHT/IRIDESCENT and DEEP GOLD.
I choose light /iridescent which I thought is more suitable for my fair skin tone.
Now this liquid illuminator has lots of glitter particles which almost after application feels like a going to disco or parties. Its stronger than any other highlighter. If you really desire for getting the glow like pro you should try this out.
Its super blendable and lasts for as long as you want. It sets in to give you high sheen. This liquid highlighter can also be use as a base for foundation to get a glowing skin.

Light iridescent is more like a pearl with pinkish silver glitter. This highlighter can be used by all skin types. If you have enlarged pores this illuminator can make it look worse.
If you like to have a dewy skin just mix few drops into moisturizer and apply on to skin. This also can be used as a brightening primer for dry and dull skin.
The highlighter is in liquid form and once it blends it dries in just few sec and once it sets in it doesn’t transfer or smudge.
I liked the formula texture and everything about this Master Strobing Liquid .
I am absolutely in love with this and I would recommend every girl to try this out. Well Medium to darker skin tone can opt for deep gold while lighter skin tones can go for light iridescent shade.
When compared to L'oreal LUMI liquid illuminator I liked Maybelline more because Loreal gives subtle and softer glow then Master strobing liquid.

Discover the illuminating strobe effect. Now, in a micro-pearl liquid formula for all-over highlighting! Strobe to add glow and to create the look of skin that appears radiant as if lit from within.


RATING 4.5/5

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