L’Oreal Paris Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream for 20+ Review


HI Everyone
Recently I had posted Review about L’Oreal Paris facial foam in 20+ and as I promised I will be reviewing about cream which comes in same range of 20+age group so here I am sharing how I felt using this cream and will I buy it again?This product comes in a white and golden box packaging which i thought is decent. 
I have bought this product in small size that is 18gm which comes in white squeeze tube with golden cap and they also have bigger size which comes in a jar. I wanted to first try out this cream getting a smaller size so got this tube. I like tubes rather than jars as they are more good where hygiene is concern. This packaging makes it easy to carry in your bag.

Product Claims
Instantly –
Glowing and shine free skin
Day after day-
Imperfection are reduced
Skin is fairer
Skin quality is improved
Tone is even

On squeezing the product out its  a white colored smooth cream which is easy to blend on skin. Does not feel sticky at all absorbs quickly on skin. It has same floral type of smell which is in facial foam. Generally I don’t like fragrance in my creams but this smell was quite refreshing. On application it did not make skin look oily greasy or dull instead it just felt so light clean and fresh. It gives matt effect to skin. I felt like I had applied no cream at all. My skin is on drier side so i had to use little more product but after applying my skin felt soft and supple. This cream is good for normal to oily skin for dry skin it can be less moisturising. I think for me it will be good to use in summer times.  It also contain UV filters so its safe to use in sun. Well this cream doesn’t hide any blemishes or lightens your tone immediately. I have just started using it every morning it does make my skin tone look even but haven’t reduced any imperfections. I will be continuing using this product for now I liked the texture of cream as it feels so light on skin.
Packaging is good and its easily available and worth the price .

I would recommend this to 20+ girls who have normal to oily skin who have got acne and blemishes and who find difficult to apply normal moisturisers specially in summers. This is a product for girls who don't like their moisturiser to be heavy on skin. I would say first try out with small size and then go for bigger size.

QTY- 18gms

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