Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick Review


Hi everyone ,
So My previous post was all about graffiti nail paints from Maybelline spring/summer 2015 collection in this post I will be reviewing Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet lipstick in REB04 REB05
This lipsticks come in same old packaging of Maybelline color sensational matte lipsticks. I love using Maybelline lipsticks as they are one of the reasonably priced quality product so taught of giving this a try. They have launched 6 super pigmented vivacious shades in this range. In UK this collection is known as Rebel Bouquet while in USA its known as Rebel Bloom. The only thing this lipsticks don't have is names I wish that they had given names to lipstick like nail paints as this codes are confusing. You have to open lipstick tube and check which color you want as the cap is opaque and nothing is written on it surely your caps can get exchanged with other lipsticks in the collection.
This lipsticks are very creamy in texture but when applied on lips they turn out to be quite glossy. I am not lover of glossy lipsticks so for me this was like OK and so I end up buying only two.

REB04 this shade is a perfect coral color having pink tones. It will look great on almost all skin tones.

REB05 this is orange shade lipstick. Its bright pigmented and lovely color for spring. Its kind of coral orange that you can wear for sunday brunch or for weekend with your friends.


It glides easily on lips has buttery consistency and should be used without lip balm. This lipsticks are moisturising and don’t dry out after application. It has a honey nectar which gives sumptuous feel. Pigmentation is good but I had to apply 2 swipes on lips to give opacity. They are quite glossy and does not smudge but be careful while applying it can bleed. They don’t feel sticky or slippery like gloss though i noticed bit stickiness of lips after it it was set. They do transfer easily but once it gets set it does not transfer much. Lasting power of this lipstick is for 3-4hrs they do survive meals and drinks. This lipsticks do stain so end of the day you will find your lips stained.
Well I was expecting this lipsticks to be less glossier and they had names.
Overall Still I loved using this lipsticks I would recommend to gals who like using glossy spring colours they are most affording drugstore lipsticks and this shades can go on all skin tone. They also have fuchsia pink and apple red shade in this range too. So go pick your favourite color.




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