NEW L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Review


Hey gals,
I am so excited that finally L’Oreal has launched Super Liner Perfect Slim in different colors. I still remember during my college days I had almost every single color eye pencils. I never ever used black liners. Black seemed to me little boring. I loved playing with color liners and kohls on eyes. And it has been really long time that I have bought any color pencils or liners. So I am really excited to try this L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Blue and Green color. I already have one in black and its super amazing. Now there are two colors available beside black that is blue and green.

They are in usual identical black packaging having respective color caps . So you can easily identify blue and green colors.
It’s a felt tip liner which appears very sharp. The tip is super fine and long. Its hard on tip which actually helps in giving a precision line. The black one is still working for me so this liners don’t get dried. I really loved the colors they turn to semi matte once it dries off. Application is really precise and it helps me create a thin wing liner. I liked blue its more kind of navy blue not a electrifying blue so you can easily carry them off. They are not runny or watery it hardly takes sec to get dry.
This liner does not flake or smudge. It stays on for all day. The precision tip o.4mm which really helps in getting a line closest to lash line. I tried using it on my lower lash line of course not on water liner but on lower lash line and I was impressed to see that it didn’t smudge it looked beautiful. There was no trouble in applying except for that i don't poke the liner into my eyes. My eyelids tend to get oily but this didn’t made the liner smudge. The colors are intense and one swipe gives opacity but I observed that when I was finishing my eyes the tip really didn’t work for me. There was less saturated color which made me worried. I always keep my liners with tip down in holder. So that the tip don’t get dried. With green liner I observed that when I went over and over again the color was coming off. So I don’t recommend going over and over again with this liners. If you want to perfect your liner by putting a second coat then let the first one get dry. If you have deep set eyes this will really help you get super fine simple eyeliner look. if you don’t love much thick wing liners or you looking for some color then this are really great. They are not waterproof so it can come off easily even with water.

This colors are really vibrant and looks beautiful. Doesn’t look glossy at all. Some of the blue liners appear like black when seen from distance. But this one really looks like blue. They will really add some color to your look. 

I overall recommend this color felt tip liners. They are really precise sometimes difficult to work with but worth the money. You may not find such colourful liners with such precision tips in the market at better price than this. Green liner is such a festive color you can play them with golden and copper eyeshadows. Its a perfect holiday color which can go with many different lip colors. Its also going to be a wedding season so you can try something different by adding this color liners.


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