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Hope you all had a lovely Diwali. Feeling rejuvenated & back with my work to share some more product reviews with you all. Camomile waterproof makeup remover after hearing all the good things about this product I wanted to try this out from a very long time. Just finished my old makeup remover bottles from bioderma and maybelline. And i got a chance to pick this amazing makeup remover from BODY SHOP. Camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover comes in clear plastic bottle. Having a transparent color liquid inside. This bottle is sturdy and has cap which shuts tightly with click making it more travel friendly. 
This product is biphased as you can make out two separate layers of oil and water. I love biphased makeup removers they do not contain alcohol and are more gentle on eye areas. You need to shake the bottle well before taking out on a cotton pad. So on shaking the bottle Oil water gets mixed up well.
This makeup remover has no fragrance so if you are sensitive to smell you can pick this one.
It removes WATERPROOF MAKEUP effortlessly and not only eye makeup but also waterproof lipsticks. Its very gentle and effective there was no hurting or burning of eyes. Removing kajal has always been task for me and this remover made it lot easy it didn’t cause any blurriness of eye. It helped in removing waterproof mascaras also without breaking of any lashes.
It may seem pricey but product lasts for long and you all will agree that makeup remover are as important as buying any other makeup products so its always worth to invest in good makeup remover. Moreover when compared to maybelline makeup remover this has double the quantity and so the price is bit more then double. The other thing I noticed you don’t require much of product 1-2 swipes will be enough for getting off makeup. It also helps in removing lip stains. Does not dry out your skin. It doesn't make my eye area oily after removing makeup. I didn't felt like washing of my face after using this makeup remover it gave clean fresh feel around eyes and lips. All skin types can use this product. Body Shop products are Cruelty Free which is why I love using them more. Even those with sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers can use it.
I have been looking for a good makeup remover since long I didn’t wanted to go back to Bioderma or Maybelline not because they aren’t good it was for change. They also have cleanser in this range which I haven't got any chance to try. If you are looking for Fragrance free Alcohol free and Color free makeup remover this is great to try. Completely Recommended. I would definitely repurchase it again.  
This product supports community trade. 
Our Community Fair Trade camomile oil comes from Norfolk Essential Oils, a family-run co-operative in England. It is made with freshly cut flowers, steam-pressed and cooled to produce essential oil. Our trade provides the farmers with a reliable income, and has helped to revitalise the local economy. To find out more, visit our Community Fair Trade section

PRICE 795/-INR 150ML
You can get this product online .

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