The Body Shop SEAWEED Clarifying Toner Review


Hello beautiful,
Toner is the most essential skin care product in for my daily skin care routine. Especially for those having oily/ combination skin toner can help you keep your skin clear and free from many skin concerns. it also helps preparing skin for moisturiser.
Lets talk about Seaweed clarifying toner from the body shop this is a alcohol free toner for oily to combination skin. I have a combination skin so its very difficult for me to get a perfect toner for my skin.
Seaweed toner comes in usual transparent plastic bottle packaging with flip cover. The packaging is same like other body shop products. The bottle is light weight and no leakage which makes it good for travelling. The toner has no color almost like clear like water.
It has a pleasant smell which i liked. I always look for one thing in my toner that it shouldn’t make my skin feel sticky after application. And this toner does not make my skin feel sticky at all. I was loyal to my clinique toner for over years now. And so I was pretty scared to try on some new toner. So after using it for a week now I am totally impressed with this Seaweed toner. I don't miss my clinique toner. It removes every single trace of dirt and makeup even after cleansing face. It makes my skin feel refreshed and non sticky or oily. Does not give dryness. I usually apply only in night time after cleansing my face. Just two drops on cotton pad and swipe it all over your face and neck once. Apply moisturiser after toner it will quickly absorb in to your skin. When compared to clinique I am very happy to get this toner at such affordable price. This toner is for girls having concerns of enlarged pores with black heads and white heads. I don’t know how it helps in acne marks and pigmentation but toner always helps your skin look better young and fresh.

Mostly all toners come with alcohol but this one does not contain alcohol. I have seen many toners have strong smell like alcohol which is not at al pleasing. This toner has aquatic fragrance which I loved it. The product is quite effective on skin.  It has menthol in it which helps in soothing and calming my skin. Its even safe for sensitive skin as generally toners do sting when you get them near eye area but this toner doesn't sting. It did not cause me any breakouts. The only thing I didn’t like is it contains paraben. And it can cause mild stickiness if you are in humid weather.
Overall its a great toner completely recommended for combination to oily skin. My skin feels clean and fresh after applying toner. It also contains vitamin e, cucumber and grown seaweed which can help in nourishment of skin. It helps in removing all residual dirt and oil without making skin dry. I had lot of expectations from this toner and yes it does meets my expectation.
Have you tried SEAWEED clarifying toner?

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