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Firstly it was Melon Pop and now Wow Pop almost using this lipsticks for a while now and I don’t really know when I started getting obsessed with it. Clinique always impresses me with their formula there is something to it which makes me love their products whether its their skin care range or color blush pop or intense chubby sticks and their complete range of lipsticks it makes me crazy. I am not only getting obsessed with their Pop Lip color+primer range but I love their matte lipsticks too and soon i will be reviewing about it. But for now can we just have a look at this adorable cute pop lip color lippies by Clinique.

I mean just look at that packaging which has this flashy silver lid and a coloured tube which resembles the color of lipstick inside. I mean you don’t really need to open them up to find the color which makes it lot more easier for girls like me having lots of lipsticks. They have a amazing range of shades I am pretty happy that this are now part of my lipstick collection.
 This lipsticks are perfect for hydrating your lips. They have smooth and creamy texture which glides effortlessly on lips. Well you don’t require lip balm because they almost feel like a lip balm but you surely need to exfoliate lips as this are really creamy and can settle down into fine lines of your lips. Inspite of being so creamy they don’t bleed nor they smudge. I sometimes like to use my finger to blend the color properly into my lips. It doesn’t give streaky application but while layering light shade lipsticks it may get streaky. You will need 2-3 swipes to have a complete coverage. Well for lighter shades it can be little sheer especially if you have pigmented lips. This lipstick gives medium coverage and pigmentation is quite good enough.. They are really smooth and nourishes your lips with shea butter and murmur butter. The formula is rich and creamy and feels light on lips.This lipsticks are 100% fragrance free. They have almost 16 shades ..and I have picked up two shades Melon pop and Wow pop.

Melon pop is a peachy nude lipstick not much opaque but looks beautiful nude on fair to medium tone girls. Melon pop has slight shimmer which sometimes feels grainy while applying but once it was on lips it didn't felt gritty and shimmer was barely visible. Staying power for 3 hrs. Its a great shade for summer will see me wearing this shade almost everyday.  Wow pop is a orchid pink and can be perfect for summer when you need to add that pop of color..fair to medium skin tones can carry off this shade well darker tones can also try this one.. they have a glossy finish on lips and they last pretty good.
Overall love them...They have some amazing shades for summer you can pick cherry red to orchid pinks to some corals. They feel weightless on lips and help in keeping them moisturise. Once applied on lips they feel luxurious. I have used Melon Pop alot of time and I do need touchup after eating ..but darker shades will definitely last longer than the lighter ones. They don’t make my lips feel dry they don’t stain. The colors look vibrant even after application for more than 3 hrs. I would love to get more shades from this range. Its fun to carry this cute pop of colors in your bag. This lipsticks are expensive but totally worth it. Have you tried them what you think about this lippies? Comment down below.

PRICE 1600/-INR  23$ you can find them at




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