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We all need that perfectly arched eyebrows. I am not blessed with thick eyebrows and for that reason i need my eyebrow kit every single day. When i first started using eyebrow powders i wasn't sure that some day it will be my most essential part of makeup routine well now is a day where I cant step out of my home without grooming my brows perfectly. There has been lot of thing i learned about eyebrows through past years and now i feel eyebrows can make a whole lot of difference it can completely change the way you look. As there are many brow products available in the market it becomes really difficult to choose the perfect one. 

So here I am going to review one of the best eyebrow kits I have came across its BROW BAR TO GO from one of my favorite brands GERARD cosmetics. I have heard a lot about this eyebrow kit from youtube makeup gurus to bloggers and finally I got to try them. 
This brow kit comes in two shades BLONDE TO BRUNETTE AND MEDIUM TO EBONY I have the one in MEDIUM to EBONY which contains two highly pigmented brow powder along with brow wax. You can use this kit for neutral eye look too or for contouring.
This kit comes in black packaging with a small size mirror inside and a small angular brush which makes this kit complete for traveling.
It has two shades one with medium brown having red tones and other one being darker shade of brown with cool tones. The shades in this kit are perfect for my brows as I go for medium brown more for natural looking day to day look and darker one for having more bold and dramatic look. I like using both the colors it depends on how you want your eyebrows to look. the clear wax really helps my eyebrows to stay in place for whole day. I first use this angular brush to apply wax on brows so that the hair remains in it place. And then I fill in my brows with the powder. Making sure its not over done I always go light handed first. And then if needed I add more to it. Powders are highly pigmented and easily blendable you need very little to work with. This shade can work with almost all skin tones having brown to black hair.

Overall recommended I have tried many brow kits and this one definitely is one of the quickest fix for my morning. I love my all eyebrow kits but sometimes the shades of powder differs and that makes a lot of difference. Any eye makeup without proper eyebrows will give you an incomplete look. I would suggest even if you have a thick well arched brows try using wax or brow gel to keep the hair at its place. Every girl out there should have a eyebrow kit its really basic but will make a lot of difference once you start using it. If you tell me to choose only one makeup product then it would be my brow kit. On lazy days I can have a bare skin with just a lip balm and a perfectly arched eyebrows. Have you tried BROW BAR TO GO its easily available. Do follow them on Instagram to know more about their offers.
TIP- If you have thick black hair than don't go for dark powders to match them instead go for some medium to deep brown for more natural looking eyebrows.


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