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Happy Women's day to every beautiful and strong women out there. Its been few days and I already feel like I haven’t blog since months. strange rite?.. days are getting longer while nights are getting shorter and all I feel the summer has set in. Just sipping into my detox fruit water I am searching in my drawer and what I see is this amazing brand Sivanna Colors products in my hand. Yes gals Sivanna if you know is a very affordable Thailand makeup brand. Its dam cheap and you can easily find at shops having beauty& makeup products. Don’t go on price of this products they are totally safe to use and they really have good quality products. So here I have two candy lollipop lipsticks in beautiful cardboard box packaging with metallic grey lavender tube. Ohh this packaging already makes me feel like some good brand lipstick. The tube opens and shut with a click. I have two colors which doesn’t have name on it but they have no which are no.3 and no.10. One of them is a beautiful soft pink color.. perfect for hot summer days. Actually I am picking lot of pinks this season. I think I need to blog on all pink lipsticks. Well the other one is totally hot pink having some cool toned fuchsia. This lipsticks are super pigmented creamy and soft on application. They give opacity in just two swipes.
 They just stay on so well like for 4-5 hrs. Do need touch up after meals. They don’t stain lips. Once they are set it gives satin finish. They don’t feel dry after application .. quite creamy and somewhat moisturizing to lips. I didn’t felt need to apply any lip balm. This lipsticks doesn’t have any unique formula they are almost similar to any other drugstore lipstick except for they are super affordable and lovely shades with great packaging.
L-10 R-03

The other product which you can see in my picture is Sivanna Shimmer Brick which is actually a DUPE to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Well nothing comparable but this bricks come in lot of shades. I picked up one in peachy coral they really don't have any shade names. This shimmer brick can be used as blush as well as highlighter on fair tones to medium skin tones. It adds beautiful sheen on cheek. Comes in black square compact. Sadly this compact doesn’t contain mirror. Well here the packaging is little bit cheap as it can break while closing the lid hardly. I ended up breaking one and now it just stays open.. you just need to swipe all the color together with a brush and apply on your cheekbones. You can use individual colors for eyeshadow. This shimmer bricks are really blendable. They don’t feel powdery but if you end up applying more it can look powdery. highly pigmented you may need very little to work with also this powder are very finely milled which makes it easy to work with. The shimmer particles just add more glow to your cheeks. This highlighter stay on well for 5-6 hrs.  
RECOMMENDED!! I liked this product it can't replace Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but definitely can work as dupe something very affordable .. if you are a start up in makeup you can try this as they are not at all expensive and have great quality. This products do not contain any fragrance.

 Overall I am impressed. I got a blush palette too which I will be reviewing soon. They are really really inexpensive and you can get lots of product without paying out much with such an amazing quality. I am definitely going to buy more of Sivanna Lipsticks and palettes.


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  1. Sivanna products are so affordable. I would like to try this shimmer brick. And the hot pink lippie looks stunning :)


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