Its been a week and if you following on my IG you probably know that I will be posting very infrequent for this month. As I have lots of products to share with you all I will be doing a quick review for some of my products. If you have any queries regarding my products please email me or ask me below in comments section.
Well today I am going to review lipstick’s from one of my favorite Colourpop cosmetics. Yes I am totally lipstick junkie and I wouldn't want to miss on this one.
Recently I have been using lot of Colourpop eyeshadows and eye pencils they are so well pigmented that it made me obsessed with it. I am seriously loving Colourpop cosmetics. And after reading lots of review on colourpop lipsticks I decided to have this too in my collection. So they have got 2-3 range of lip products but I thought of trying this LIPPIESTIX. I should have got them at first place itself Hahaha.. Lets get onto its packaging. They come in lovely white opaque tubes. They are sleek and round in shape. It has the shade name and color at bottom of tube. There are plenty of colors available in different textures. I have got two in satin finish and one in matte finish.
Satin- Gossip and Frida

I liked the SATIN formulas more than the MATTE one but doesn’t make much of difference. Both are almost similar to each other. This lippiestix are very well pigmented and goes opaque in just two swipes. They apply evenly and effortlessly on lips. Both of the formula are non drying to lips. I have put them without applying any lipbalms.They also add some moisture to lips. I loved this smell it was kind of some fruit flavoured cake but its quite mild and goes off after application. They last for around  4-5 hrs which is pretty good. Darker shades do leave stain on lips. They don’t bleed or smudge. Well the silk shade did smudged a bit so you can apply it with a lip pencil. The color shades are very attractive. Also they cost only $5 which is so so affording. I do wish they start shipping to India as well. The color pay off is excellent. And it gives beautiful satin to matte finish on lips. This lipsticks do transfer but not completely. Also I noticed that silk being one of the darkest shades it also tends to settle into fine lines. So I would suggest to exfoliate and moisturise your lips if you going for darker shades in this range. The texture is light weight and comfortable to wear them for whole day. This lipsticks also give you full coverage.

Frida is a beautiful shade for everyday purpose. It can go well on every skin tone. It’s a warm mid tone pink almost feel like nude on mid to dark tones.

Silk is a more like deep winter color. Its rich intensely pigmented burgundy shade which can go on fair to dark tones.

Gossip is one of my favorite shade. Its beautiful bluish pink color. Its neither to bright nor to dark. I really needed this kind of pink in my vanity. This color is amazing for spring and summers.

Overall I am definitely getting my hands on more shades. This lippiestix are up to my expectations. I am totally loving the brand and its packaging. The formulas are rich and well pigmented. The shades comes in wide range and you can pick up accordingly. Also they always come up with new shades every few months which is great. The products are available at affordable price.
Have you tried colourpop lippiestix how do you find them?
Do let me down in comments below.
TIP- You can also use different shades of lippiestix to create ombre effect. 



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  1. Love those lippie stix ... I have button and gossip , both are satin finish and I love using them. Also , they are coming with some new range this month ;)

  2. Beautiful colour. ..but show us lip swatches too


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