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If you read my previous post on my skin care routine this is also part of it. Today I am going to review one of the most important products which I use almost every single day. This products are best for hot and humid weather with any skin type. Its suitable for even acne prone skin. Forest essentials  FACIAL TONIC MIST in ROSE is  a Pure rose water which comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle. This comes in two different size I picked up the small one as I can carry it easily in my handbag. When sprayed from distance it gives a fine mist on face I usually have to spray 2-3 time for covering the entire face. It instantly refreshes and soothes my skin. It gives cooling sensation on skin. It also calms any redness and makes skin soft and supple. It does hydrate your skin but not much. So if you have oily to combination skin you may not require to put any moisturiser but if you have dry skin you can add some moisturiser over it. It smells like bunch of rose so pure and pleasant. Roses are my favourite flower and I absolutely loved this fragrance. Its very mild and lasts for few mins on face. I usually use this after every time I wash my face. I also make sure to spray it before I go to bed. Sometimes I use this before my makeup and it helps my foundation to blend in well. I absolutely love using this product during hot summer days. For long term use it makes your skin soft smooth and well hydrated also it does help with your pores.

A fresh rose petal based formulation for a porcelain smooth glowing skin. Regular use leaves the complexion soft and glowing with radiant sheen. Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan contains Fresh Rose Petals, Orange, Lentil, Neem, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Ayurvedic herbs .
Its light yellow color powder which comes in a plastic jar with golden cap. This powder has fresh crushed rose petals which is easily visible. You just have to take half teaspoon powder and mix it with rose water, milk or water to make a creamy paste. Apply it on face and rub in circular motion for 5 mins then leave it for 2-3 mins on face as soon as it starts drying you can wash your face with water. Pat dry with towel. I was amazed with the results. This ubtan feels granular when rubbed on skin but not so coarse or hard. It has a strong smell of rose and many other ingredients. After using it for some time this smell didn’t bothered me.

I usually use this twice a week but if you feel your skin needs more you can use this every day also. Instantly my skin was glowing it eliminated my black heads and to certain extent white heads too. With regular use it claims to give you porcelain like skin which I truly agree. My skin was so soft, smooth and it gave me that radiant sheen. I felt my skin was not only exfoliated but also moisturised. Generally the scrubs give you dryness after using this ubtan it was completely different it didn't dry out my skin didn't gave me breakouts and it didn't cause any irritation or tingling on my skin. I wasn’t expecting such good results. But I think this is going to be my permanent skin care product. 

Overall I completely recommend do try this products if you looking for something which is natural organic and Free from chemicals and preservative. Also if you are looking for some good results which other products fail to give opt for forest essentials. I think I am already in love with forest essentials and looking forward to try many more products.
Have you tried forest essential products whats your experience share below in comments.

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