Hello angels,
 I will be travelling for next few days so before taking a break I want to review some amazing products from INNISFREE.
 As we all know it’s a Korean beauty brand having skin care products which are made from natural ingredients. I visited innisfree store just a week ago and picked up lot of products for my skin care. Till now I have been using them and I am pretty happy to share my experience with you.

First I am going to review Wine peeling jelly softener first of all it comes in a plastic wine colored bottle it has a semi white liquid in it which is almost like a gel. You have to just pour it into your hand rub it on your face gently massage it into your skin until you observe some white rough particles which is suppose to be the dead skin coming off. After massaging you need to wash your face with normal water. If your skin is sensitive it can give little redness and burning but that’s quite temporary and settles down in few min. I had no issues with it. Also if you want a deep cleansing you can apply scrub after this. Make sure you apply jelly on dry and clean face as in no makeup or else you will not be able to remove your dead skin and impurities. I loved how it smells just like fruit wine.
After washing of my face my skin felt so soft and clean. It also gave me brightening effect. I was quite happy with this product I make sure to use it once in a week.
Overall recommended if you have acne prone and sensitive skin Do test out the product first.

This is a clay mask that combines Super volcanic cluster with micro clay mousse for powerful pore care.
It comes in a brown metal bottle just like a deo with a pump once you press it enough quantity of mousse comes out. It s a grey colored clay mask you can apply it on your face with help of brush. After using peeling jelly I apply this mask. Once it gets dry in 10 mins wash it with water. When used often it does minimize your pores. It didn’t help my skin for getting that glow but it surely helped to keep my skin clean and bright. Also it’s a mask which can be used for normal to oily combination skin.
Overall I didn’t find it much worth spending so much on clay mousse but its surely convenient for application rather than digging it from a jar. It only helped me when I used with peeling jelly or scrub. I had got a travel size toner and volcanic clay face wash which I am going to carry it during my travelling. So when you get a kit in 1450/-INR its worth. 
PRICE- 1450/-INR
Rating- B

And finally we come to the most important JEJU VOLCANIC PORE TONER.
 This toner comes in a see through brown plastic bottle. I have seriously took a risk purchasing this big size bottle as they had no sample size. Also I was in much need of toner I had to get this. Now this toner is for normal to combination skin it has beautiful refreshing fragrance to it which normally alcohol based toners don’t have. I like a toner which has alcohol because it helps clear my skin. 
This toner contains volcanic ash which can be seen through bottle. Its very mild toner and even if you have sensitive skin you can use it. It didn’t cause me any problems like sticky feeling or any oiliness, redness etc. For now I am loving to use this as it doesn’t make my skin dry. But I don’t think it will be of great help for me in humid weather. This helps to minimize your pores but not to clear out your acne. So it doesn’t protect your skin from break outs. But definitely it helps to control excessive sebum for softer skin. I have a combination skin and I have to use a moisturizer after using this toner. It helps in removing left over makeup and impurities.
Overall I would recommend this product for if you have enlarged pores. Well I don’t have much pores so cant say that it really helps minimizing pore size. It does the job of normal toner it very gentle on skin inspite of alcohol in it which is really good. For me price does matter and I will be able to say whether its worth it or not only when I complete half the bottle. This bottle will last you for 3 months you just need to soak the cotton and apply it on your face after washing. It also has nozzle in bottle for controlled product dispense.


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