Hello makeup addicts,
I am super excited to review the New launch of Sephora CINESCOPE MASCARA. I haven’t heard any reviews yet as its just been launched. So may be for now I am the only one to review it.

The packaging of this mascara is in silver and black tube it has little curved brush with bristles on both side. I am fond of mascaras whether it’s a drugstore or high end I just love them. Cinescope mascara claims to give a panoramic volume for multi lash fan like effect.
This mascara is non waterproof but extremely long lasting. The ball tipped bristles helps in separating each lashes. It coats every lash with mascara. I also like using it on my lower lashes. As you all know I am not a huge fan of waterproof mascara because it becomes difficult to take them off well cinescope mascara comes off easily. It helps to give my lash curling effect and coats every single lash volume and thickness. The formula is thick enough and doesn’t flake. I like to apply 2-3 coats of mascara to get a full fan effect. This mascara holds my lashes in place for 7-8 hrs also it don't give a clumpy look. It also adds length to my lashes. The only flaw I find is that it makes my lashes hard after the application. When you apply multiple coats it gives you a dramatic lash effect.

Overall Recommended if you are fond of mascara just like me and want to have a full volume fan effect lashes this is totally worth to buy. Previously I was using outrageous volume mascara from Sephora but I found Cinescope much better just for its fan effect.



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  1. love this mascara. would love to give it a try.


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