Hello rosebuds,
If you are reading my blog you may have noticed that recently I have been obsessing over face masks and skin care related products. Here I got one more from Innisfree it’s a REAL ROSE MASK. I tried to use once or twice before sharing my views on it. It’s a new wash off mask line which has a real rose sweet fragrance.

The mask is more like a thick jelly like texture and comes in a small maroon colored thick glass jar the packaging is travel friendly. The quantity was worth spending. It contains fresh rose petals which gives a sweet rose fragrance. It’s a heat wash off pack when you apply it on your face the jelly like texture gives a heating sensation. Its one of the best selling and claims to improve skin texture. It leaves skin soft and smooth. Massage the jelly for 1-2 mins on dry face and leave it on for 10 mins then wash it off with lukewarm water. You have to use this mask 2-3 times a week to get desired results. The mask is not so sticky and spreads evenly on skin. As it’s a jelly base transparent mask it doesn’t get dry. When you massage it into skin it gives a nice warm feeling which is comfortable. It turns into white lather giving a feel of cleanser. Later it gets back to transparency. After rinsing with a normal water it leaves my skin soft and smooth. Though it didn’t brighten my complexion but looked quite radiant. It helps to moisturize skin which is aslo great for dry skin. I recommend this mask for normal to dry skin or even combination skin can try out. This mask is travel friendly and I love the sweet fragrance of roses. It leaves my skin normal and doesn't make my Tzone oily. I will try using it thrice a week to get better results. It also helps to remove black heads to some extent.

Overall I would recommend this if you have concerns like dry, dull skin & want to have a smooth and softer looking skin or instant radiance. It doesn't help to minimize my pores or remove any whiteheads. It doesn’t give any break outs or clogged pores. It can also be used before makeup application to prep your skin.  I am happy with the product as it hydrates my skin to some extent. The sweet rose fragrance and a jelly formula mask is a must try .. Have you tried any new wash off masks from innisfree? Would you be trying out this one?

 Rose ingredient makes the skin smooth and radiant. It comes with heating sensation and soft texture.After cleansing, gently spread an adequate amount of mask over a wet skin, avoid eyes and mouth areas. Leave it on for 5 minutes, and rinse it with lukewarm water. It can also be used specifically on T-zone area where pores and black heads are more visible. Recommended to use once - twice a week.  
Price 900/-INR

RATING 3.5/5

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