Hello girls,
Summer is already taking toll on my skin this is is the time of year where I invest into maximum skin products for hydration and protection from bright sunny days. Most of the girls face this problem suddenly skin starts getting dull tired and dark. Its most probably due to lack of hydration. Not only you need to hydrate yourself but also apply a good skin care products. I was happy to see l’oreal came up with Hydra Fresh Genius range. Two products in my hand one is a Gel based moisturizer which can be  used day/night though they do have a separate night mask. And other one is essence which comes in glass turquoise shaded bottle with a nozzle and twist on cap. This essence acts as toner and a light moisturizer. I use this moisturizer in day time and essence in the night time. The multi active hydra fresh genius cream comes in a glass jar with a cap. This products are not easy to carry they feel heavy and are not travel friendly. These range has core ingredients likes French spring water and hyaluronic acid which provides deep hydration to skin. This formula is lightweight and ideal for combination to oily skin. It has got light fragrance which  gives sense of freshness.

Essence feels like a milky toner I use it on a cotton pad. It quickly gets absorb into my skin without any stickiness. Immediately after application my skin feels soft and smooth also it gives glowing complexion. The most amazing results were that it brighten my complexion within 1 week of using it. During summer night I do not apply moisturizer over this toner as it already hydrates and leaves my skin soft & supple.
The hydrafresh cream has more like a gel texture. Little quantity is required for entire face. It quickly absorbs into my skin and gives long lasting hydration. Skin feels fresh with zero stickiness no clogging pores also can be used prior to makeup application. Provides enough hydration for normal to oily skin. It also contains PROVITAMIN B5 which helps to retain water to keep skin radiant and supple. This range also contains sleeping mask which I have yet to try.
Overall recommended for combination to oily skin especially during hot humid days. The fragrance was very refreshing and it didn't gave any unpleasant sticky feeling on skin. If you have a dry to normal skin you need to try this range along with the night mask for more hydration. Have you tried out this range?

RATING 3.7/5


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