Hi beauties,

Dr. Jart is a brand known for its skin care products its Korea based brand. Dr. Jart is also famous for beauty balm know as BB creams they have different types of BB cream available. I previously had used Dr. Jart  Bubble foam pore minimiser face wash and I found it to be good so I got this Bounce Beauty Balm which is a new product in their line.

I got attracted to its white opaque packaging. Unless like other bb creams this don’t come in tube but it comes in compact form having dual lids. When you open first lid It has a mirror inside and powder puff its design in such a way that it becomes easy to carry while travelling. The second lid has elastic mesh barrier to protect bb cream. The cream comes out of the elastic mesh barrier when you apply pressure using the sponge or puff which it comes with or using finger tips. If you are using puff it becomes little messy and you may have to make more effort to blend so I personally prefer using flat kabuki brush OR fingers. They are like tinted moisturisers but having more coverage. The texture is fluid creamy and i feel its moisturising whenever i touch with my fingers. But Its difficult to blend this cream in skin especially if you have dry skin. It has medium coverage you can build up this product to give full coverage and that helps in covering blemishes too. I choosed 01 light this shade was little light for my skin tone. So until and unless you are not porcelain fair opt for medium to dark shade.

This product is good for even sensitive skin as it contains titanium dioxide and zinc which are mineral sunscreens. Also helps firming the skin as it has Hyaluronic acid known for maintaining skin elasticity.  It also contains GRAPE SEED OIL, ELDERBERRY AND POMEGRANATE EXTRACTS known to improve skin texture and tone. It corrects uneven skin tone and brightens up your complexion. You don’t require to use any sunscreen. Its good for all skin types but oily skin can feel this more moisturising.  After application it gives me matte finish look. It helps in minimising the look of pores. Its good for everyday use. This beauty balm not only provides broad spectrum sun protection but they are also moisturising. Its a Fragrance free and Paraben free cream. Its long lasting bb cream staying for almost 7-8 hrs .

Its pricey and I didn’t felt ultra moisturising instead I had to put efforts to blend it. The shades are very limited. Due to the mesh barrier its difficult to know when you are running out of the product as you cannot see.

I may not repurchase this same product but definitely some other bb creams from this brand which are more sheer and hydrating to my skin.
But i would recommend it to girls having oily skin,blemishes, acne prone sensitive skin and those who cant use foundation on everyday basis give it a try i have heard good reviews for those who are having oily skin.


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