The Best Homemade Skin Care Recepie


Hello everyone
So today I would like to share my little secret for maintaing flawless skin or if you trying to get a flawless skin. I have been always asked tons of question on how i maintain my skin what products i used etc?? So this is something which may look very simple but i have used this for all my life and it still work wonders for me. And I never forget to use this whenever I feel my skin is dull, lacking hydration, having breakouts, uneven skin tone or tanned skin. I am blessed with good skin but still I occasionally get skin problems and it gets difficult for me to maintain it. Chemical loaded products has never helped me out truly. This recipe will work as scrub as well as face pack for you. I know most of girls may have tried out this at home you may not have succeeded but this is something which should be part of your routine not for one time use. As my skin gets exposed to lots of makeup I tend to get whiteheads and blackheads so for that i have to regularly exfoliate my skin. And this is the best natural way to exfoliate your skin. 

For combination to oily skin
 Take gram flour 1-2  tablespoon add 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric add 1 tablespoon of curd and few drops (8-10 drops) of lemon mix it into paste and apply all over your face and neck keep it for 15-20 mins and once it dries off rinse it with cold water. Try to use this once in a week. This will help your skin to exfoliate as well as to remove tanning. You will see instant softness and glow but with regular use you will find better results. You can also use this for your hands feet and legs.

For Normal Skin
If you have a normal skin add Milk in above mixture instead of curd . Milk is known best for exfoliating skin as it contains lactic acid. And lactic acid is known for its exfoliating properties. If you want a glowy skin just add honey to above mixture and it will work as your glow mask. 

For DRY skin
Take the same above ingredients replace curd with a spoon of fresh cream even 1 teaspoon will do or you can add milk to make it a paste.

Gram flour helps in exfoliation of skin helping to remove all dead cells.
Turmeric is known for its antibacterial property it will help for pimples.
Lemon and Curd help as natural bleaching agent and will remove any tanning of skin and will help in making spots light.
Fresh cream and milk are known to hydrate your skin giving plumpness to your skin and gives you that right glow.

As your skin is constantly exposed to sun, pollution and all other external factors your skin need to be exfoliated every few days. Dead cells need to shed of so that new cells can generate. And this is the best natural way to exfoliate your skin. I would recommend this twice a week or at least once in 15 days. Its lot easy to do. You will definitely find difference in your skin when you start using it on regular basis. you can use it as scrub or leave it as mask. You can make endless recipes for your skin with gram flour you can also mix with rose water to give soothing effect on skin. Its best natural home made face mask for any skin type .

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