HI Lovelies,
Gerard cosmetics is one of the best brand having color your smile lighted lip products.
 They have wide range of shades in lip gloss from nudes, coral, pinks, reds and even violets. All shades are bright vibrant and ridiculously pigmented. I discovered this two shades Buttercream and Rose hill to be most fascinating lip gloss color. I am almost seeing everyone on Instagram or Youtubers wearing this glosses its insane how people are getting obsessed with this gorgeous lippies. I was just so excited to grab them. This is my first review on Gerard cosmetic products and i am so happy to write about it. This brand offers you free worldwide shipping with various offers. This two shades are creation of beautiful Youtube guru Jaclyn Hill I just love her every single look that she puts on. They are also available in bundles as JACLYN'S GEM. I have grabbed few lipsticks too as i couldn't resist from their amazing offers. Let me tell you beauties I loved their lip glosses they are pretty addictive. Me as totally not being gloss lover is turing into gloss addict is something unbelievable. Gerard cosmetics have crazy offers going on for getting discounted price and its best when you buy it in bundles then individual. 

This glosses are unique in packaging as they come in gold cap with GC logo on it. Its a see thorough square tube having mirror on one side. The packaging is attractive as it has light on wand when you twist open the tube the light lits up. And so this glosses can be applied in dark too
First of all this glosses are super pigmented color pay off is excellent just one swipe is enough. Even if you have pigmented lips this will just give you opacity in one coat.  Usually glosses are more sheer but this ones are not. I had seriously not expected this glosses to be so pigmented. 
They glide smoothly and evenly on lips. The texture of gloss is creamy and does not dry out your lips infact they are quite hydrating. It does make your lips look fuller. This lip glosses do transfer and stay for around 4hrs touch up is required. Does not stain your lips. This glosses don’t feel sticky  or patchy does not bleed or smudge.


Rose hill is a beautiful rose shade. Its so pigmented rich shade. It is a gorgeous color & it can look great on any skin tone. This shade just enhances your complexion. It gives opacity in just one swipe .
A vibrant must have spring color for makeup lovers.

Buttercream is everyday color it nude pink shade . I love to pair it with intense smokey eyes. Its perfect feminine flirty color to glam up your look. I also use it on everyday basis this shade just goes on every look. Its great color for fair to light skin tones not sure about medium tones.  Again its creamy super pigmented and long lasting. One of my favorite shades and they are must have.
The above two glosses does not contain any shimmer in it. 
All glosses have mild sweet fragrances which does not last long. 

The price is worth it if you buy in bundles. I completely adore this glosses .
I don’t usually buy glosses but this one are already turning me into a gloss addict. I don’t find any flaws in this glosses. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

Have you tried them ? Which one are your favourites?
Please share your comments below
I have put a link below to purchase this gloss.

PRICE-INR 1200/-



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