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Hi girls,
I am so excited that finally I got my Gerard lipsticks i have heard so much about them. After my gloss experience from Gerard cosmetics I was pretty impressed by this brand and I bought few lipsticks too. If you are on Instagram and lipstick junkie like me you must have already heard about Gerard cosmetic. They have so many exciting discount codes and offer for free world wide shopping. I have picked up 8 lipsticks which are Buttercup, 1995, Kimchi doll, Fairy Godmother, All dolled up, Underground, Berry Smoothie and Fire Engine. I love my this new babies. I am  including all lipstick swatches for you gals. Make sure you buy this lipsticks in bundles. If you buy them individual discount codes wont be applicable.
This lipstick comes in beautiful golden tube and I absolutely love golden packaging it looks classy and elegant. They are very light weight and easy to carry. This lipsticks are creamy giving matte finish to lips. They glide effortlessly on lips but after application I found that they are bit on drier side but not like Mac matte lipsticks. 
Make sure you apply lip balm even if your lips are dry. They are very long lasting  stays for around 7 hrs. They don't transfer much. They feel feather like light on lips but they don’t hydrate or moisturise your lips and you may feel dry after application. Although texture is smooth and applies evenly on lips color pay off is good for light color and excellent for dark colours. Dark colours are highly pigmented so one swipe is enough although lighter shades require 2 swipes.


Buttercup lipstick
This lipstick is creation of beautiful Youtuber Jaclyn hill she is such a talented creative beauty I have come across love her. And I loved buttercup as it was perfect nude having pink in it which just goes on every skin tone. Its like a everyday color you can add some buttercream gloss too for intense color. It glides on effortlessly almost like a butter and gives full coverage. This looks best when paired with smokey eyes.

1995 lipstick
I don’t have picture of the lipstick as I got broken tube in my order although they replaced it immediately. Gerard cosmetics have such kind staff and they immediately respond to all your queries. I do have a swatch of this lipstick. Again this is a signature lipstick of Jaclyn hill this color is totally inspired by Kylie Jenner. So if you want to have 90’s lips like Kylie Jenner you need to have this one. It’s matte but creamy lipstick inspired from neutral nudes of 90’s. It will go on every single skin tone. It can glam up any look. Must have.

Fairy godmother
This is a shade which is like a baby pink color having blue undertones.  Its opaque and can go only on few skin tones. If you like pastel shades on your lips this is a perfect pastel pink color.

Kimchi doll
This shade is creation of beautiful doll SOPHIA CHANG she is a famous Youtuber. It’s a perfect peachy nude shade if your fair tone this will go well. Medium to darker tones can also try I have seen many people carrying this shade so well. It gives full coverage. It doesn’t suit me completely so I try to mix with some gloss over it. BUY NOW



Fire engine
This is a vibrant hollywood red color which will make you say wow. I have seen this red just goes on every single skin tone light medium dark its a beautiful red having warm tones super pigmented and bright if your lover of red this is must have .

It’s a warm earthy tone having cool grey tones and touch of pink in it.
Its kind of different shade personally it didn’t suit my complexion at all. So its ok if you skip this one.

Berry Smoothie
A fresh berry shade having some brown tones will give you complete ultra elegant chic look. Will go on fair medium to dark skin tones. Again a must have shade in your vanity. It just goes on every look. Now a days I am obsessed with this kind of shades so its one of my favorite.

ALL dolled up

A bright flirtatious pink color must have for feminine look. If you love pinks this is a lovely color. Again it s a shade for every skin tone.

Overall Recommended they are not so expensive if you buy them in bundles . the offers are irresistible.
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