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Its almost my birthday week and am so excited for my weekend birthday. Today I have something different to share with you all. I am a cosmetologist and being part of this field i see most of people complaining about the dark circles. I wanted to share my knowledge on dark circles through this article. 
Are you having trouble in getting rid of dark circles. Let us first know why we tend to get dark circles.
We all agree that skin under our eye area is much much thinner than the facial skin we can feel when touching it with fingers. Now if you are ageing there is going to be fat loss and tissue loss making your skin more thin and wrinkled.  When we don’t give enough hydration to the skin it tends to dry out giving you first sign of ageing which is fine lines around eyes. 
 Dark circles have many causes which are mentioned one by one in this post.  Now how to really identify you have got dark circles. Sometimes when you see bluish dark circles it can be due to venous congestion. You need to massage your eyes to improve circulation and so there is no stagnant blood in vessels. As our skin is thin this stagnant blood gives us bluish black appearance. Many people have got deep sunken eyes and the shadow of eyes make you feel that you have got dark circles in such cases its your hereditary facial structure you can go for injectable fillers in such cases. Well in such case you really don’t have them but still it appears to be that way. Nowadays man and women who are loosing weight and are on strict diet they too tend to develop dark circles due to starvation. Excessive weight loss can cause fat loos under eye area too. 
Hereditary is also one of the cause for permanent dark circles where you see dark circles run in family genetics.
Smoking can cause wrinkling of under eye area as it helps in weakening of collagen tissue. Already due to thin skin it has very less collage and elasticity so smoking can cause faster ageing around eyes.
Not having enough water, lack of sleep, stress and unbalanced diet can also lead to dark circles. Caffeine consumption is also one of the known cause for dark circles. 
When you have thyroid problems and iron deficiency i.e anaemia it can lead to dark circles.
After crying for long time you observe puffiness under eyes. As water travels where there is salt in tissue it gives you bags under eyes.
Sun damage which can lead to increase in melanin pigment causing hyper pigmentation and lastly ageing can weaken the tissues around eyes.

Now after knowing the cause how you get rid of them?
Very firstly you need to change your lifestyle. Distressing yourself by doing a regular exercise even if its 20 mins walk, yoga and going for spas can also help you relax. Having a good amount of sleep and a proper diet with increase in water intake can help. 
You need to hydrate yourself by drinking enough amount of fluids. Also you need too refrain from smoking. 
To hydrate your under eye area you need to use eye cream every night before sleep you need to massage it anticlockwise and clockwise to improve the circulation under eye area. 
Always wear sunglasses to protect your eye area from sun rays. 
Try to apply cold cucumber juice or slice of raw potatoes on your eyes. This may help in reducing tired dull looking eyes.
If you tend to get puffiness around eyes after getting up in morning you need to change your sleep position by raising your head high.

Retinol a cream will help in increasing collagen production thus helping to strengthen under eye area. Vitamin E and C creams also help for collagen boosting .

 If you got intense dark circles you can even opt for chemical peels and laser treatments like Laser resurfacing. 
IPL Intense pulse light can remove pigmented cells under eyes.
Hydro quinine and Kojic acid are known as skin lightening creams which can be used with Intensive pulsed light treatment for hyper pigmentation under eye area. IPL can also help for venous congestion under eye area. This may take few sitting for desirable results.
If dark circles is due to fat loss under You can even opt for hyaluronic acid facial which are temporary injectable fillers.
Surgically Blepharoplasty is most effective way to get rid of dark circles permanently.

There are plenty of creams and gels available. Creams work best for ageing skin and gels work best on young skin. When you are approaching 30 not only your skin needs anti ageing creams but even your under eye area needs it.  The creams which contain caffeine helps in constricting dilated blood vessels under eye area. I even found aloe vera gels helps in reducing dark circles and puffiness. Once you start using creams you need to use them forever because they act only on temporary basis. Permanent treatments are peels and lasers but still for maintaining you will always have to hydrate your under eye area. 
As a makeup lover for me concelar is best way to give even flawless under eye area and to hide your dark circles but of course its just a temporary tool. 
Remember prevention is always better than cure. Keeping your under eye area well hydrated is the first thing you need to do. Hydration is first step towards anti ageing treatment.

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