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Today I am going to write about my all time favorite primer which is also the top seller product from benefit cosmetics, its POREfessional primer which belongs to their permanent line. My first experience was long back when actually my mom was using it and I just tried for first time i was pretty impressed. I know many must have gone through its reviews and all but I felt like I need to share a thought about it on my blog. I have already tried the smaller version of benefit POREfessional primer and after using it for so long I ended up getting a larger version of this primer.
Ageing comes to everyone and biggest concerns of ageing is pores. I think we all deal with that enlarged pores and fine lines. My skin is combination and I do have pores which is quite normal. No one is so lucky enough to have a poreless skin. So whatever the cause may be sun damage external factors combination skin the benefit claims to give you hope on having completely poreless skin.

Why we love it!
Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

How to apply
To use under makeup: Apply to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat on problem areas & blend with fingertips.

To use over makeup
: Pat on lightly over makeup & blend.

Why I love this primer?
It’s a super light oil free non greasy primer. The texture is more like a balm which just disappears into skin when blended in. This primer comes in blue and white tube with box packaging. There is instruction note given inside on how to use this primer. It appears to be slightly tinted but its completely translucent on application. If you got concerns with pores and oily or combination skin you can opt for this primer. Its silicone based primer just like Smashbox photofinish primer. I love silicone primers they are velvety smooth and just melt into skin when applied. It has floral fragrance I didn’t find that annoying. It helps in minimizing pore and gives flawless application of makeup. It gives a complete matte finish.Yes it does help in covering fine lines too. My mom loves this primer her concerns is ageing fine lines having dry skin she is pretty happy with the primer. My area concerns are around nose and forehead so I tend to apply generally in this particulars areas. It just make you skin smooth and even for better application of foundation and powder. It does control oil and doesn't give any breakouts it does not give white cast on darker skin tones.
Well my makeup stayed on for almost all day but in the end of the day I could see foundation wearing off near my nose and smile lines. 
This product does not make your pores disappears but they help in minimizing. There are no moisturizing properties in this primer. It s just softens the overall look. Generally primers are applied beneath the makeup but this one can be applied over makeup too you just need to pat and blend.
Overall recommended. It’s a primer for oily to combination skin and with enlarged pores concern its again a great one to be used in hot humid weathers. My t-zone always gets shiny after few hrs of makeup this helps to reduce the shine.The only drawback I could find that its quite expensive. So that makes me think twice before buying it out. It completely covers my pores. But if you have super enlarged pores it won’t help you much. If you have dry skin better prep skin with moisturiser. I think its worth the money. I am just not using it everyday as i don't wont to end up with empty tube. So i try to use it occasionally. 
Which are your favourite primer have your tried POREfessional ?


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  1. I really wanna try this primer <3 But I'm pretty happy with my current Colorbar one too :)

    1. yeah doll i read your colorbar review i am looking forward to try :))).

  2. I heard great reviews about this primer .. I want to try this but it is too expensive.. Thanks for sharing
    nice review :)

    1. thanx doll. this primer is really great for pores. give it a try

  3. I really want to give it a try. Wish it was a little bit more economical.


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