Hello beauties,
 Today I am gonna talk about my favourite skin care product from Johnson & Johnson. 
It’s a Clean & Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial scrub. I am absolutely in love with this face wash.I almost completed my one tube and this is the second one that I got. So thats how i decided i will be sharing my experience about this face wash with all of you.
 It comes in a bright yellow plastic tube. The scrub is lemon yellow in color and its more like gel based having exfoliating beads which I loved it. It has got unique combination of lemon, caffeine and papaya. This scrub has micro beads in it which are not so harsh on skin and feels like jelly. It smells so refreshing almost like lemon. I love any product which has citrus smell in it. 
 I used this scrub every single day little amount is required for whole face and you just need to rub it in circular motion and wash it with waterI generally like using this in night time as it clears all dirt makeup and oil from my skin also making my skin more refreshing clear and soft. As its written Morning burst skin brightening facial scrub it doesn't really make any difference to when you are using it. The very first time when I used on my face I was simply impressed with instant results. My skin felt smooth and baby soft it also helped in removing blackheads and some of whiteheads. I love the cool feel on my face after washing it off. It doesn’t make my skin much dry as I have dry to combination skin I am quite comfortable with this scrub. It also helps to brighten my skin after the first wash itself. This scrub can be great for normal to oily skin types. From the day I have started using this my skin texture and tone has improved quite a lot. I could feel the difference in my pores too. I haven’t got even single breakout after using this product. This scrub is surely refreshing for summer days too.
 I will be continuing using this scrub till I find something better than this. It’s the most affordable effective drugstore product. This tube goes long way. 
I totally recommend this product for girls having normal to oily skin types. Its worth buy. After a long time I could find a scrub which promises to deliver a healthy soft smooth glowing skin. It’s a must have product in your skin care routine. This is a scrub which I am no ways getting bored or tired of using it. It also helps in removing dullness of skin. I could hardly find any reviews about this product its been most underrated product. Its not easily available in india but still you can find them in some of the stores having imported beauty products.

Price INR450/-

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