How To get that glow?


Hello beauty lovers,
Are you girls wondering that why your skin is not glowing like magazine model or like some celebrity?  This article could help you out. I have been asked tons of questions on how my skin keeps on glowing well makeup doesn't always have to take the credit when you have a better looking skin. What does exactly strike your mind when you think of glow. For me its not that sparkly highlighter on cheek. Its something which reflects your inner beauty through skin. which makes you look healthy happy and positive. Remember you skin tells the story of how happy healthy and positive you are. It doesn't mean that you have a great skin on all 365 days we all suffer from minor skin problems and thats nothing to panic about but taking care of it and having majority of days with good skin will not only boost your confidence but will help you stay more positive and happy. 
First thing what strikes my mind is Hydration. Don't you think that your skin looks lustreless dry dull tired because your not having enough hydration that doesn't mean on applying just moisturiser it means to have enough of water. Many of us just try applying moisturisers and creams and  which are not going to give results because your skin is not able to remove toxins. Even after applying all makeup and your favorite highlighter your skin looks tired and dull. Does your skin get enough time to rejuvenate?  There is not enough blood circulation and oxygen for skin cells to revive.  Why do we need beauty sleep?  Because night is the only time when your skin rejuvenates. That also means that you need to get 7-8 hrs sleep . I  recently heard somewhere that taking 7 -8 hrs sleep doesn’t mean that you stay awake late in night and sleep at its not going to help this way it means to sleep early well i personally don't follow this i would love to change this thing in me.
Now I am going to tell you simple thing to make your skin glow.
But Firstly lets start with the reasons for why you skin started too loose its lustre.
Most people say its due to ageing but I believe ageing can be graceful. It need not be ugly dull looking skin. You can have your skin revived and glowing if simple things are taken care of.
Sun protection. Are you staying out in sun without any SPF. OR what you are using is not enough to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sun exposure can cause many skin problems faster ageing, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dullness etc.. but that even doesn’t mean that with spf you can stay out in sun for long time it doesn’t given you complete protection.
Using harsh exfoliants on short interval of time can damage your skin more.
If you are not cleansing your skin with a proper face wash. Your face wash is making you skin dry and tight after wash you need to change it now.
Dust and pollution. Nowadays wherever you go your skin is exposed to dust and pollution. This can make your skin look dull.
Work stress. Not getting enough sleep due to work loads. It doesn’t give your skin time to rejuvenate making it look dull.
Your skin is what you eat its truly said your skin replaces every 35 days and new cells are build up by what you eat. So if you not eating healthy food at least on few days of week its harming your body from inside as well as outside.
Drinking plenty of water keeping yourself hydrated is a key. Do you know when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated so don’t wait to feel thirsty have sips of water at regular intervals. Slowly you will be habituated to having water often. Eat what you love but with limits because i believe that when you eat what you love it makes you happy from inside. 

The most important and key role is staying happy from inside. Sometimes you need to let go off things. You don’t need to have answers too all your questions. You have to be calm and positive. Which is completely going to reflect on your face. That will help you gain more confidence and more love from people around you.
Doing a regular exercise for 20 mins helps in increasing circulation to your skin making it glow.
Have a regular clean ups consult your cosmetologist for proper treatment and products to be used.
In one of my previous post I have mentioned my very own favorite home remedy to help me get glowy skin.Best skin care recepie

You can even take lemon sugar in a cup and use as exfoliating for skin. Lemon is known as natural bleaching agent which will help in removing tan.  Lemon juice also helps in removing blackheads if applied on face for few mins. But lemon can be bit drying to your skin so make sure you apply proper moisturiser after that.
No treatments will work on skin if you are not taking care of above mentioned points.
This are some simple basic things which people don’t like to follow and still complain about tired dull looking skin. For them no treatments give a long time results. Few changes are to be made by your own self.

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